AVL PLU131F Fuel Flow Measurement

The PLU131F has been designed specifically for demanding test and calibration applications of Gasoline and Diesel injectors, pumps and valves in production lines and component test benches.
Furthermore it is used for fuel consumption measurement of components like HC-dosers on engine test beds.

The AVL PLU131F Flow Meter is used in fuel injector and injection system development as well as in component production testing. Main fields of application are test benches and production lines for component testing e.g. quality assurance.

The PLU measuring principle is especially suitable for those applications with commonly occurring pulsating flows. Thus, it can be applied in direct hydraulic adaptation for the testing of pumps, injectors and control valves, which is increasing measurement accuracy and reducing measuring time. Moreover it provides for high-dynamic flow rate measurement, which is becoming increasingly important for combustion development and emission control.

AVL PLU131 sensors are suitable for continuous flow measurement in both configurations, in the inlet (upsteam) as well as in the outlet (downstream) behind the component to be measured.

Flow sensor application in UPSTREAM configuration on the high-pressure side of the tested component offers a unique capability for dynamic flow measurement e.g. on an operating combustion engine.

In production testing upstream measurement reduces air purge and stabilization time and prevents problems due to contaminations remaining from component production.

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