Intertec Heater for Hot Box

The all-round solution for heating performance at high temperature levels in potentially explosive environments

In order to prevent oversaturation of the media in measuring stations or sample preparation systems, a constantly high temperature is crucial. INTERTEC offers the optimal solution: Our HOT BOX system includes a housing with heater and a controller that accurately controls the temperature of the equipment inside.

To avoid condensation or crystallization, constant high temperatures are often required in enclosures. Measuring stations for media in a chemical or petrochemical environment or in sample preparation systems for analyzers are typical applications. Nevertheless, a complete isolation of the measuring and analysis station is hardly possible due to the maintenance and calibration requirements. In the field, you see ad-hoc solutions in the form of a 'hot air bath', in which a blower or compressed air heats the immediate surroundings. However, this is associated with a relatively high energy input and can hardly be implemented in hazardous areas. In addition, it is very difficult to precisely control the temperature in these designs.

The optimal solution for this situation is our HOT BOX system consisting of a housing with heating unit and temperature controller. Planning and execution are the main focus here. The components for a HOT BOX have to be chosen precisely according to the requirements and have to be coordinated with each other to achieve best results.

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