Fluenta FGM 160 Field Computer



Accuracy and Performance Tailored for Flare Gas Measurement 

Engineered with advanced signal processing technology, this ultrasonic flow meter could achieve an accuracy of ±0.75% across pipe diameters ranging from 6 to 100 inches, ensuring dependable operations. 

The FGM 160 sports enhanced signal processing to deliver accurate and stable readings, efficiently handling both high and low gas flow velocities. This ensures consistent performance in diverse operational scenarios. 

The meter’s accuracy and signal processing capabilities have been independently validated by independent testing houses, CEEESI and VSL, affirming its top-notch performance in various flare gas applications. 

Central to Fluenta’s flare gas measurement solutions, the FGM 160 supports the oil and gas, petrochemicals, and LNG industries in accurately monitoring flare gas flow. It’s not just a tool for measurement but a means to achieve regulatory compliance and meet environmental responsibilities. 

The FGM 160 blends accurate measurement with ease of use, offering a reliable solution for diverse industry needs.

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