Shell: Interface Detection, Line Balance/Leak Detection

Pipeline companies such as Shell transport thousands of barrels of crude and refined products daily to and from Refineries, Chemical Plants and Storage Facilities. This involves stacking several products back to back, and transporting these products several thousand miles via pipeline – sometimes underground, over rivers and lakes, and through densely populated areas.

Featured Product: HPI Interface Detection, Single Product or Multi-Product Flow Meter.

FLEXIM Ultrasonic flow meters have been developed with some unique and outstanding features:

• Built in TP25, ASTM 1250 and 1033 tables for correcting to standard volume per API specifications.

• Interface Detection, Single Product and Multi Product versions.

• Sonic ID of up to 13 products (in Multi Product version)

• Broad and flexible compliment of I/O, including inputs for P&T

• All FLEXIM meters meet ANSI/ASME MFC-5M-1985 (R2001) requirements by temperature compensating the transducers to prevent drift.

• Utilization of Lamb wave transducers to track a wider variance of product densities/sound speeds.

The above features allow a single HPI system to take the place of traditional systems that would include at least 3 different components – Flowmeter, Densitometer and Flow computer.

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