Enclosure solutions for field instrumentation

Perfect protection for equipment in outdoor applications

INTERTEC's business started by employing superior materials in outdoor process enclosures to avoid corrosion, optimize thermal performance and extend the lifecycles of business-critical instrumentation. Our philosophy recognizes that purchase and installation costs of control and instrumentation are a fraction of total lifecycle costs - especially for hazardous areas.

Over more than 50 years, INTERTEC has proven that composite GRP is a highly superior material for enclosures. It's nearly as strong as stainless steel, yet some 75% lighter. It is exceptionally resistant to corrosion as it does not rust or degrade in any significant way. It is an excellent insulator and is intrinsically flexible. These properties can guarantee maintenance-free lifecycles of more than 30 years.

INTERTEC offers the widest range of GRP enclosures for field instrument applications on the market - from freestanding or panel-mount enclosures and boxes for one or more instruments, to cabinets and walk-in shelters and custom designs.

We will provide the ideal size and shape for your application. Many of INTERTEC’s enclosure solutions are turnkey systems that can be immediately integrated into an existing process. INTERTEC's SAFE LINK service provides solutions with added-value safety, reliability and performance derived from know-how gained from thousands of applications.

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