Intertec Fire Shelter

1 Application

In the event of a fire, emergency “shut down” (ESD)

valves and their actuators must be protected against

heat exposure in chemical and petrochemical plants.

In an emergency, the actuators must remain operable

for a minimum of 15 minutes after the outbreak of a

fire. More stringent requirements such as 30, 60 min.,

or higher are also possible.

For these applications INTERTEC has developed a

patented protective shelter system fully tested by a

certified 3rd party agency to meet UL 1709.

2 Features

 Corrosion resistant using GRP (glass reinforced synthetic materials) externally and internally

 Custom designed and sized to fit each individual valve and actuator application

 Split base plate to fit around valve shaft

 Factory designed and supplied support frame

 Complete shelter removal allows full access to repair or replace actuator

 Optional access doors for service and maintenance

 Standard details for tubing and electrical penetrations

 Fabricated to meet the fire protection standards and time/temperature curve requirements of UL1709

 Tested and certified by MPA- Dresden 

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