PMDT PDiagnostic

The PDiagnostic is a  portable system that utilizes Ultra-High Frequency {UHF), Acoustic Emissions (AE), High-Frequency Current Transformer {HFCT), and Transient Earth Voltage {TEV) sensors to detect, analyze, and  locate the PD signals in real time for a multitude of medium and high voltage electric power equipment.

The multi-channel PDiagnostic system  locates PD on power equipment down  to the measurement of a meter by utilizing Acoustic-Electromagnetic Combination Location Technique, Time Difference of Signals' Arrival (TDOA), Partial Discharge Signals Separation {PDSS), and 3D Positioning Technology with  PC software included.

The system features advanced PD diagnostic,  automatic PD type  pattern recognition, and accurate PD Location capabilities. The PDiagnostic is an ideal trouble-shooting tool for your PD programs. Severity is determined and maintenance suggestions are provided accordingly.

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