PDStar is the ideal tool for condition-based maintenance programs. Online partial discharge testing is a method of inspecting the insulation of electric power systems while equipment remains energized and in service. PDetector incorporates all 5 types of online PD sensor technology. Information from multiple sensors gives PDetector the versatility to detect all types of PD in all types of substation apparatus. Furthermore, the exact type of PD activity can be determined using PRPS: void, corona, surface, particle, or floating electrode. 

Infrared Technology has been applied with PD technology together by PDStar.


  • Power Cables 

  • Transformers

  • GIS

  • Switchgear

  • Substation Apparatus


Sensor Technology: Detection Bandwidth 

Electromagnetic (EM)

  • TEV - Transient Earth Voltage  (built-in to the main handheld unit) 3MHz - 100MHz

  • UHF - Ultra High Frequency  -  300MHz - 1.5GHz

  • HFCT - High Frequency Current Transformer 500kHz - 50MHz 

Acoustic Sensors (AE)

  • Acoustic Contact - 20kHz- 300kHz 

  • Airborne Ultrasonic - 40kHz 

Infrared Image Sensor(Infrared)


Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) - PD activity produces both electromagnetic and acoustic emissions.  PRPD mode will automatically relate the occurrence of the incoming signals to the power frequency 60Hz (or 50Hz). This gives the user the ability to instantly determine if PD is present

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